Our Mission

It is our hope at Fabulous Catering to provide the most beautiful and stunning food experience possible for our clients, with emphasis on quality, professional service, and the freshest available ingredients. In keeping with the Italian and Japanese traditions of food preparation, we believe that the freshest ingredients need little manipulation in order to make them extraordinary. When food is seasonal and of exceptional quality, the raw product can speak for itself, as we present these hand-crafted foods simply and classically.

Although the market offers many choices for onsite catering in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, there is a lack of services which strive for the level of excellence that we do at Fabulous Catering. Some comments that we have heard over and over again while providing the food for weddings or other events are: "I didn't expect the food to be so good", or "this is the best wedding food I have ever had!" Often people expect the food at large gatherings to be merely edible at best. We would like to not only shatter the expectations of our clients and their guests with a product that is delicious and aesthetically appealing, but to raise the bar within the catering industries of the metro area and the Midwest. With Fabulous Catering we would like everyone who attends one of our functions to not only receive the quality foods and service that one would expect at a top restaurant, but to expect Fabulous results!

Fabulous Catering’s Green Initiative

We at Fabulous Catering want to minimize our eco-footprint and minimize our impact on the earth while providing delicious, local and organic foods. Here are some of the ways that we Go Green:

We work with local, sustainable producers for our food. This reduces transportation needs and insures that the food was produced with out harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and non-therapeutic us of antibiotics.

We use compostable disposables. This reduces our total waste in addition to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

We compost all organic materials in our kitchen and on site at events. This includes food, coffee grounds, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, cups, cardboard, wax paper, bags, utensils and containers!

We recycle. This reduces our waste, our eco-footprint and our reliance on fossil fuels.

We have joined the go green intiative. The Go Green Initiative is a simple, comprehensive program designed to create a culture of environmental responsibility on school campuses across the nation. Founded in 2002, the Go Green Initiative unites parents, students, teachers and school administrators in an effort to make real and lasting changes in their campus communities that will protect children and the environment for years to come. www.GoGreenInititive.org

We are a part of the local foods partnership:

The goal of the Northwest Partnership is to connect and enhance resources of the region and the University of Minnesota to develop a sustainable regional community by educating and empowering citizens to explore and act on their ideas.

The goals of this project are to:

  1. Build partnerships with local producers and other advocates of local foods.
  2. Increase the production, marketing and sales of locally grown foods in the region. localfoods.umn.edu

Fabulous Catering is proud to feature the following local products and farmers:

A Baker's Wife
Local Bread & Pastries
Ames Farm
Single Source HoneyMinnesota
Carr Valley Cheese
"Mobay"LaValle, WI
Classic Provisions
All the good stuf!!Minneapolis, MN
Coastal Seafoods
Minneapolis, MN
Crave Brothers
Fresh MozzarellaWaterloo, WI
Daddy Sam's BBQ
Dockside Fish Market
Whitefish & TroutGrand Marais, Minnesota
Dragsmith Farms
Milton, IA
Chipotle GoudaCenter City, MN
Faribault Cheese
St. Pete's SelectFaribault, MN
Garden Farmer
Produce & HerbsRamsey, MN
Hook’s Creamery
Seven Year Sharp Cheddar
Hope Creamery
Butter, Milk and CreamHope, MN
Larry Schultz Organic Farm
Eggs and ChickensOwatonna, Minnesota
Living Water Gardens
Milton Creamery
"Quark"Milton, IA
Peterson Farm
Grass-Fed BeefMinnesota
Red Table Meats
The BEST locally made cured sausages and meats!Nordeast, Minneapolis, MN
Saint Agnes Baking Company
Those little, tine, beautiful buns in lots of flavors!
Saxon Homestead Creamery
"Big Ed's"Cleveland, WI
Stickney Hill Dairy
Thousand Hills Farm
Grass-Fed BeefCannon Falls, MN

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